Metal Finishing Specialists

Stainless Steel Polishing, Electroplating, Zinc Plating and Tin Plating.

Osborne Plating offers a variety of metal finishing options including Stainless Steel Electropolishing, Electroplaing, Zinc Coating and Tin Plating. Providing services to both large and small industries ranging from the medical to individuals.

Osborne Plating can provide metal finishing solutions both large and small for engineering, metal fabrication, oil and gas, vehicle body building businesses and freelance artists looking to finish off their works in the Perth Metro area.

Based in Osborne Park Perth, we are centrally located, easy to find and can provide delivery services around the Perth Metro region. Our staff of qualified tradesman take pride in providing a quality product.

Osborne Plating aims to provide excellent service and quality products at the best possible price. We are committed to excellence and value our customer relationships.

Osborne Plating can provide Stainless Steel Polish through our process of Electropolishing. This is a chemical surface finishing technique where surface metal is electronically removed ion by ion. This achieves a wonderful result in removing burs, minimizing micro-roughness and increasing brightness.

The process removes the upper layer exposing an untarnished clean surface with its complete corrosion-resistance grade. Electropoishing has become a common process for Stainless Steel Polishing, used by a variety of industries that require corrosion-resistance and cleanability.

As the process does not involve mechanical, thermal, or chemical impact, both small and fragile parts of almost any shape or size can be treated.

Zinc Coating is a sacrificial coating that is electroplated on to steel, providing rust protection and a smooth finish, extending the life of the material and increasing its appeal. Electroplating zinc on a wide variety of components like flanges, pipes, car parts, bolts, brackets, drilling equipment, fences and many more is no problem.

We provide 3 different colour finishes – gold, silver and black.

Tin Plating is achieved with an electrolytic process. Tin is a very ductile and corrosion resistant metal with high conductivity and a solder ability making it ideal for use on electrical and electronic components. Tin is also popular in the food industry as it is non toxic. Tin plating is therefore primarily used for functional purposes although it also has an aesthetic appeal.